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On Sale Now at the Bey Lea Cluhouse


   Pinnacle  Rush  and  Soft  golf balls

Mens and Ladies

$20.00 per box ( plus tax)

    According to the Rush features  a low compresion core and a rugged  ionomer cover that is made to increase  velocity off the club head and decrease  spin.
    The Soft  obviously gives you  a softer  feel and is not as long off the tee.
 So......Go ahead and pickup a dozen....or  you can continue to hack around the  course with those water-logged dinosaurs  you dredged up while dragging the lake on 16.
   Click to the left to go to an awesome site that lists most major  brands of golf balls. It features in-depth descriptions, including  feel, specs and prices ( for us budget golfers).
     If you have ever considered matching the correct golf ball with  your type of game...this is a great place to start. 

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     Greetings Members,


     April 14th we will hold our 11th annual Member-guest Tournament. The details of which have been mailed out to each of you. If you have not received any information from either Jack or myself, please get back to me and I will forward it along to you and make sure you are added to further emails.   

Attention!!! the golf course has added/re-placed the out of bounds stakes between the           6th and 7th holes. The white poles only affect tee shots taken from the 7th tee and            do not come in play from the 6th, If your tee shot from 7 goes past the stakes ,                   please refer to USGA rule 27-1 and take stroke plus distance penalties and replay              your shot from the original spot . 
      I updated the rules page ,especially regarding the instance of loose impediments in
      the bunker. See rule 11 for details.    
                         We have added an instagram account. Called beyleagolf it is still in its infancy  stages. If you have a photo you would like to share send it to us at the email address  below with a short caption and we will upload it to the instagram service.

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