1.   Unless the committee declares otherwise prior to a tournament. THE GOLF  BALL WILL BE PLAYED                                  DOWN  EVERYWHERE THROUGH THE GREEN.
          2.  Rule number 1 includes the rough and bunkers. Anyone not doing so will be  disqualified from the                                       tournament.
          3.  If you have lost your ball or have hit it out of bounds, you must go back to where you hit your original                               stroke. If you are re-teeing, you do not have to take   an arm-lenghth  DROP  .....but must still count the re-                       tee as a stroke. Remember to use your provisional on golf shots that are questionable. We all have had                           our bad days out there..... so let's try to keep up the pace of play.
           4.  Red stake are a lateral hazard.
           5.  Any area that is marked by the golf course with the sign "sensitive area do not  enter" is considered a                             hazard that you can't hit out of and you must take a  penalty.
           6.  If your swing is impeded by a fence anywhere on the course, you will get full swing relief and two club                                 lengths then take a stroke penalty with a DROP
           7.  Retaining fence on the fourth hole if you are inside the fence and your swing is impeded please take stance                       and two club lengths no closer to the hole and take a DROP.
           8.   If you do not see the ball go in a groundhog hole it's considered a lost ball and you must  go back and re-hit.
                   (a) if you in an area that your ball is in the groundhog hole you take swing relief and one club length after                           you have stance, then DROP... it does not mean you have full relief from a tree.
                   (b) if you are playing the ball as unplayable, you can take the DROP straight back and must keep the                                          obstacle in your line of sight to the pin. Or you can take two club lengths from where the ball is. It is                        not stance and  two club length's.
            9.  The out-of-bounds stakes on hole number 7 have been re-placed. Please play accordingly.
          10.  The 18th hole is a par four. If you do not clear the hazard you can re-tee or take a DROP on line to where                       your ball entered the hazard. There is no drop zone on the other side. Out of bounds is left of the                                       telephone polls. 
           11 USGA rule  23-1  states that a loose impediment in a bunker must not be moved under penalty of a stroke
                 (that includes stones)  unless there is a local rule otherwise. The course has begun upgrading the traps but                       some still have quite a few rocks. Therefore, stones may be removed. If the offending rock is touching your                     golf ball, alert your playing partner of your intentions and remove the stone as  delicately as  possible. If the                   ball moved during this action replace it to as near as an exact lie it had as possible. 
                  If you have any question on getting relief, ask your playing partner. You should  not be picking up the ball in                     the rough.
                ** In order to compete in tournaments you must have an active handicap.**
                ** You must play your tournaments with an active member and must be  posting all of your scores. **                        


      For When You Are Out on the Course

    The Official USGA app for your smartphone is offered free at google play for android and at itunes for  iphone.

     So, instead of whipping out your golf handbook for that all-important ruling...simply open up the app on  your        phone...type your question into "search"...and find your answer.

     Just remember that there is foursome behind you..............