Bey Lea Club Championship



                    Championship Flight    ?                                     Gold Tee's

                     "A" Flight                        ?                                     Blue Tee's

                     "B" Flight                        ?                                     Blue Tee's

                         "C?" Flight                      ?                                    Blue Tee's  

        * subject to flight changes under consideration 

       If you are 70 and over you can move up to the white tee's and the ladies may play          the red tee's.  Unless you are playing in the champiionship flight 

      The Ball will be played down EVERYWHERE for this event.

      You can move up one flight based on your current handicap.

           For example:

              If you are a 9 handicap and want to play in the championship flight you will                     have that opportunity.


      Last years Club Championship winner's will receive the number 1 seed if their                     current handicap does not move them up a flight from last year.