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I would like to take a moment and introduce Chris Johnson. 

Chris has been a Golf Professional for over 30 years, 10 years with the Canadian PGA and the last 20 years with the PGA of America.  He is also, a certified Titleist Performance Institude (TPI) Fitness Instructor.   
Chris is an innovative teacher who is very creative with his approach to developing the skills of his students and has been nominated six times for New Jersey PGA Teacher of the Year and twice for Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers.
Chris has also conducted instructional seminars for the New Jersey PGA and has written Articles for Golf Tips and Golf Illustrated magazines and have had articles written about him.
If you want to know more about Chris, his philosophy and much more, you could visit
Presently, Chris teaches upstairs at the Toms River Golf Center on Fisher Boulevard and gives playing lessons at Bey Lea Golf Club.   
Chris Johnston
PGA Professional
TPI Certified



"2015" Season is just a few months away.  Changes will be made to the schedule so please check in for the 2015 Tournament schedule.

Membership dues will reamin at $50.00

For 2015 if you are eligible to play the Red or Gold Tee's you will be eligible to play the Club Championship for the qualifying and Match Play portion.

Your handcap service can be purchased at the golf course.


George Galler/President

B.L.G.A. Members,
On Saturday May 2nd, we will be hosting a 1 day event with the golf course.

Here's the event.

* You put a foursome together.  In that group you can have 2 people who are not association members join you.  You must have at least 1.
* If that person is not a resident they will still get charged resident rates and everyone must take a cart.
* Anyone playing must have a handicap.
* Depending on how many sign up will dictate the payout.
* Ladies can play the red tee's, seniors over 70 can play the white tee's.  All other's will play the blue tee's.

Payouts will be the following.

- Foursome payout
- Individual payout
- Closest to the pins on all par 3's

The fee will be $40.00 per foursome to enter.  The money will be turned into gift certificates at the golf course.

Why? I'm looking to increase our membership and to bring some additional revenue to the golf course with purchasing the gift cards.  The fact the course is going to charge resident rates and block out times shows a commitment to work with us.  Our association is only as good as our membership.

Play with another member.  Bring a friend!  We will provide coffee and donuts in the morning.

Please get back to me and tell me you will put a group in.. Don't need the 4 names now as I want to make this work for us and the golf course.
Appreciate everyone's help in making this work.
George Galler